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IEEE Spectrum - January 2012

Kayıt: 14 Ekm 2005
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Tarih: 14 09 2012 14:59


3-D Chips Grow Up
In 2012,IEEE Spectrum - January 2012 3-D chips will help extend Moore's Law—and move beyond it
By Rachel Courtland

3-D Printing Takes Shape
In 2012, 3-D printing technology will go from prototyping to production
By Paul Wallich

A Battery as Big as the Grid
2012 could mark the arrival of utility-scale battery storage
By Jean Kumagai

Birth of the Bionic Eye
In 2012, electrodes will bring eyesight to the blind
By Eliza Strickland

Charge of the EV Brigade
2012 will test the feasibility of EV charging stations
By Lawrence Ulrich

China’s Homegrown Supercomputers
In 2012, China’s chips will power the Dawning 6000
By Joseph Calamia

EUV Faces Its Most Critical Test
2012 will be the make-or-break year for extreme ultraviolet lithography
By Katie M. Palmer

Fantastic 4G
Hundreds of telecoms will invest in 4G LTE networks in 2012
By Marisa Plumb

Good-bye, Wheelchair, Hello Exoskeleton
This year, the Ekso Bionics exoskeleton for paraplegics hits the market
By Eliza Strickland

LED Bulbs for Less
In 2012, there will finally be a first-rate LED bulb you can afford
By Richard Stevenson

Plug-in Vehicles Proliferate
Full battery-electric and hybrid-electric plug-in vehicles will start hitting the streets in significant numbers later this year
By David Schneider

Private Spaceflight: Up, Up, and Away
This year, commercial spaceflight will really take off
By James Oberg

Single Blue Planet Seeks Same
In 2012, a new exoplanet hunter will look for worlds like our own
By Rachel Courtland

Windows 8: A Redo From Redmond
The 2012 release of Windows 8 will show whether Microsoft can surf the tablet tidal wave
By Steven Cherry


Electronic Cotton
Circuits could be woven from conductive and semiconducting natural fibers
By Neil Savage

Helicopters Go Electric
Electric flight takes on the final frontier
By David Schneider

Intellectual Ventures Invents Beam-Steering Metamaterials Antenna
IV and others aim at cheap in-flight broadband
By Katie M. Palmer

Start-up Seeks New Life for Planar Transistors
SuVolta is pursuing precision doping in its bid to compete with 3-D transistor technology
By Rachel Courtland


Don’t Let Innovation Languish
The world’s economy depends on innovation rates that are faster than they were for most of human history—and faster than they are today
By Philip E. Ross

The Ubiquitous Webcam
Do we really want to know what the dog does when it’s home alone
By Robert W. Lucky

Book Review: The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World
Daniel Yergin’s new book is a logical successor to earlier ones on national security and energy policy

Data Mining Scrabble
A study of 10 million game simulations finds the true worth of Scrabble tiles
By Mark Anderson

Preview: Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Touch Apps for Android
A new product suite for tablets is just the start of Adobe’s move from desktops to clouds
By Sally Wiener Grotta & Daniel Grotta

Profile: Kim Swift
Kim Swift set out to design fun games that make her laugh
By Susan Karlin

Words with Friends: Not Your Parents’ Scrabble
Words With Friends reinvents a 65-year-old board game for the iPhone era
By Mark Anderson

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IEEE Spectrum - January 2012

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