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Tarih: 23.12.2007, 23:22 Mesaj konusu: Control Systems Engineering, 4th Edition [ Solutions manual

Control Systems Engineering, 4th Edition [ Solutions manual ]
PDF | Rapidshare.com | ISBN:0471445770 | 5.4 MB

Emphasizing the practical application of control systems engineering, the new Fourth Edition shows how to analyze and design real-world feedback control systems. Readers learn how to create control systems that support today's advanced technology and apply the latest computer methods to the analysis and design of control systems.
* A methodology with clearly defined steps is presented for each type of design problem.
* Continuous design examples give a realistic view of each stage in the control systems design process.
* A complete tutorial on using MATLAB Version 5 in designing control systems prepares readers to use this important software tool.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction.
2. Modeling in the Frequency Domain.
3. Modeling in the Time Domain.
4. Time Response.
5. Reduction of Multiple Subsystems.
6. Stability.
7. Steady-State Errors.
8. Root Locus Techniques.
9. Design via Root Locus.
10. Frequency Response Techniques.
11. Design via Frequency Response.
12. Design via State Space.
13. Digital Control Systems.
Appendix A: List of Symbols.
Appendix B: MATLAB Tutorial.
Appendix C: MATLAB's Simulink Tutorial.
Appendix D: MATLAB's GUI Tools Tutorial.
Appendix E: MATLAB's Symbolic Math Toolbox Tutorial.
Answers to Selected Problems.
Appendix F: Matrices, Determinants, and Systems of Equations.
Appendix G: Control system Computational Aids.
Appendix H: Derivation of a Schematic for a DC Motor.
Appendix I: Derivation of the Time Domain Solution of State Equations.
Appendix J: Solution of State Equations for t< ;sub>0 € 0.
Appendix K: Derivation of Similarity Transformations.
Appendix L: Root Locus Rules: Derivations.
Solutions to Skill-Assessment Exercises.
Control Systems Engineering Toolbox.
Lecture Graphics.
Cyber Exploration Laboratory Experiments.

Elektrotekno.com Ana Sayfa Kitap çözümleri (Solution manuel)
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Control Systems Engineering, 4th Edition [ Solutions manual ]

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